Laboratory software and other associated technologies continue to evolve and improve. VOLA’s partner LIMS or integration with your current LIMS can help you manage the the day-to-day operations more effectively and efficiently. This can even include the management of inventory of instruments and equipment, materials, and other items, reducing the amount of time it takes to get information from different locations. Primarily, we automate and optimize testing from intake to results as well as scheduling follow-ups. Using VOLA’s Connected Health Ecosystem will streamline the workflow in the laboratory and improve data management.

This makes it possible to better serve patients, increase test orders and revenues, improve exposure and reach, and make the work of lab technicians easier.

Read on to learn about three Software Solutions to Help Laboratories and Practices that can make a difference to patients and staff right away.

1.  Consistent Test Ordering

Our software solutions track the test orders and samples from patient data intake, to the time of their arrival to laboratory, to the time the results are distributed. This process helps the laboratory track the quality of products and samples, and it makes workflow and employee management much easier. Our innovative technology can help you save time and money by eliminating any bottlenecks in the testing process. The use of our products can greatly reduce the time required to generate test results.

These solutions can also help partnering physicians track their orders and place new orders if necessary, as well as follow-up/continuing test orders.  Additionally, it can help improve patient loyalty and engagement through improved accuracy, speed, and security. All of our customizable software allows you to streamline the testing process of lab methods, SOPs, and procedures, at an affordable cost.

2.  Metrics Insights

Using robust metrics software to monitor and control lab processes is essential for improving the overall efficiency of your lab. Those who use such systems will find that their processes are much faster resulting in cost saving and profit maximizing efficiencies. In addition, these solutions can help you develop better forecasts for long-term success and/or expansion goals. Our offerings aim to ultimately help you improve your laboratory’s efficiency by proving robust metrics tools and packages.

Customizable dashboards that allow you to view and compare your metrics help you determine which areas of your laboratory are performing optimally and which ones need improvement. Moreover, it gives you the option to customize the settings to suit your laboratory’s needs. Once you’re satisfied with your results, you can make changes to the metrics and implement them in your lab.  With our system, you can create and modify key performance indicators (KPIs) to meet the needs of your lab. You can also change the dashboards as needed. Once you’re using a robust metrics software solution, it will be easier to improve the quality of your work. There’s no better way to improve your productivity than with the right analytics.

3. Workflow Management

One of the most important benefits of laboratory software is that it can help standardize your lab’s workflows. A centralized platform and database makes data transfer easy, rapid, and secure. It also allows for easier search of medical histories and patient profiles, such as records of test results and the inclusion of EHRs. With our software, laboratories can also maintain records that help a constant supply of laboratory critical and operational supplies. Furthermore, our system provides a secure data storage environment and easy data sharing. Finally, the VOLA system can be integrated with purchasing, e-comm, or billing software interfaces. This helps staff manage billing and invoicing (whether it’s insurance, private-pay, or other) efficiently and ensures labs have accurate records of necessary workflows and documents.

We also help team members adhere to published SOPs, which are essential for accurate lab processes. This is an effective solution for reducing the risk of errors in billing and increasing patient satisfaction. Using our system, the lab staff can be kept in contact at all times. Tasks can be automatically assigned as samples move through a protocol. Documents can be shared or commented upon. Phone calls and emails can also be captured and shared, and the data infrastructure can be easily customized to your needs. The right system can optimize tasks and streamline operations of a laboratory, directing impacting your bottom-line in a positive way.

To sum it up

With the growing use of Health Information Technology (HIT), all healthcare facilities can better manage patients’ digital health information. We can help automate processes and reduce the risk of human error as well as help bridge the gap between digital and physical operations.  This software can also be useful in establishing and managing quality controls and auditing of products. Unlike a manual system,  VOLA can make lab workflows more efficient and prevent costly errors. With VOLA, you can improve efficiency, manage costs, keep your staff happy, and grow your business.

A robust software solution is a valuable tool for both public health and private sector medical laboratories. Our solutions can streamline data collection across multiple locations and can even be customized for specific groups. With these digital solutions, it’s easy to streamline your laboratory operations.

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