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What it is

Vola is a modern-aged and digital solution to reduce the communication gap between providers, patients, laboratories.
A great opportunity for pharmacies and providers who want to expand their business by offering their services to telehealth and play their role to improve the quality and availability of healthcare.

What it does

It helps pharmacies, laboratories, and providers expand their business by:

Who it is for

It includes patients, providers, pharmacies, and laboratories.



Worldwide COVID19 pandemic has affected everything including healthcare services. COVID lockdown & restricted hours have made it difficult for healthcare facilities to reach their patient population throughout the world and US healthcare is not an exception.
Providers are looking for alternate solutions to reach their patient population for their routine care, maintaining their practice, and eventually maintaining a high level of care for their patients.
VOLA provides virtual healthcare solutions to providers to reach their patients for their routine care and advanced testing.


It’s a bit exhausting to manage incoming test requests that include inconsistent paperwork from providers that causes resistance in meeting new & advanced testing opportunities.
VOLA’s LabConnect eases out this exhausting paperwork by providing one simple ordering system. Integrating patient’s information and ordering is quite handy with VOLA which also has made tests-reordering quick.
Patients’ records are cross-qualified for advanced testing by the algorithm within VOLA. VOLA algorithm is designed to provide benefits to their users by suggesting tests after assessing patient’s records and bringing more business to the labs.


During COVID-19 lockdown and restricted hours, the healthcare industry is evolving and moving towards virtual solutions. That creates new opportunities for remote, telehealth based providers & clinics so that they can reach their patients for their routine care.
VOLA provides a customizable solution in the form of a software to telehealth providers and companies that are looking for virtual solutions.
VOLA’s customizable virtual solution brings a lot to table. For instance, it removes geographical restrictions as it has a calling and video function that connects providers to their patients near and far.

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