Connected care allows healthcare providers to manage all aspects of the patient journey.

Connected healthcare is an innovative digital approach to health management and delivery within a network of healthcare professionals. The vision behind this system is to improve the quality of care and the experiences of patients both in and out of the healthcare system. The focus is to enhance collaboration between professionals such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare staff. This is done by integrating the healthcare systems through digital technologies and software solutions such as VOLA.

With digital information management systems, such as VOLA Connected Health available to all healthcare professionals, patients and providers experience improved access, mobility and convenience in the healthcare ecosystem. This also helps to improve communication between doctors, nurses, other healthcare workers and the patient. This results in patients being able to access care from multiple healthcare professionals at one time. In addition to these benefits, patients are able to do many things such as book appointments online or manage their appointments online with the help of  specialized software. All these features make digital information systems increasingly popular amongst patients, healthcare workers and other stakeholders.

One of the major benefits of a connected healthcare management system is that it enables the use of telemedicine. Telemedicine is the process of receiving medical advice or treatment from a physician or other health care professional via telephone or the internet. This can be done without the presence of the patient in person or any form. Patients receive their treatment from the physician of their choice at the time of their choice.

Another advantage of telemedicine is its ability to reduce patient travel. There are no more long drives to hospital or clinics for doctor’s appointments (especially in rural areas). Remote monitoring or virtual receptionist gives patients access to healthcare providers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They no longer have to depend on their own transportation or struggle to get into a crowded office.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is another aspect of the connected care ecosystem, which is quickly revolutionizing patient care as well as made healthcare more accessible to patients and healthcare providers. Through RPM doctors have access to vital signs, medical history and laboratory and imaging data. Providers can remotely monitor patients at all times, this allows from real-time data on overall health details, such as pulse and respiratory rate of the patient. Remote monitoring and telemedicine can increase efficiency while reducing medical errors.

The connected health ecosystem also allows patients to record symptoms, prescriptions and physician- ordered tests and procedures on a secure portal. Patients can view all their health records on their portal, which eliminates the need to print out paper versions of their records. They also do not have to worry about downloading information from their healthcare system to their portal. The VOLA platform is capable of connecting to a secure internet connection, such as an API for instant transfer of patient data to healthcare provider, pharmacy, or laboratory. Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops are ideally suited for managing a home care environment, which most people utilize daily. Telemedicine provides patient access to their healthcare systems anywhere they are.

One final benefit we’ll discuss of connected care is the adoption of e-commerce in the healthcare industry has greatly increased the options available to consumers. E-commerce has provided healthcare organizations with a new way to generate revenues. Furthermore, electronic billing makes it convenient for the patient to pay for services, medications and testing as needed and they do not have to worry about making a trip to the doctors officer or pharmacy. Online billing and virtual receptionist services allow for a reduction in billing errors, and make the correction of billing errors more efficient.

Digital health ecosystems have enabled healthcare organizations to improve collaboration among doctors, nurses and other staff members. Which ultimately yields better care for their patients.

VOLA’s Connected Health provides a platform for the care of the patient to be delivered from the very beginning. The need for healthcare providers to provide clear instructions, have concise, real-time,  information and be able to provide feedback when necessary is becoming increasingly important. This helps to create a strong connection between the health service provider and the patient throughout the entire healthcare process. The platform increases the ability to share data with others that helps patients to understand and engage with their health needs as best they can and to deal with the challenges that may arise in the healthcare process. It helps patients understand how to make the most of their healthcare and gives them confidence that they will be taken care of properly and with encourage engagement. The care of the patient becomes the main priority and this results in the patient maintaining a strong sense of involvement in their healthcare needs.

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