Overcoming Challenges in Direct-to-Consumer Laboratory Testing

Increased demand for DTC Testing The direct to consumer (DTC) laboratory testing industry is on the rise and projected to keep growing throughout the decade, with more and more companies offering tests that can be ordered online and delivered directly to the patient. This type of testing allows patients to easily and conveniently access medical […]

How Interoperable Digital Solutions Drive The Continuum of Care

The Importance of System Interoperability on Continuum of Care The continuum of care involves all the processes a patient takes from prevention, to consultation, to diagnosis, to post-operative care, and everything in between. Furthermore, it includes the entire process from prevention to physical care delivered by a primary care physician, medication management, and post-operative rehab. […]

3 Ways To Improve Your Patient Engagement


Today we’ll explore some of the ways that patient engagement software can improve the quality of your healthcare services. The use of integrated software platforms for patient engagement can drive significant benefits for healthcare organizations.  A recent survey of health professionals, shows some top benefits of implementing patient engagement technology. Patient engagement software allows for […]

Hybrid Healthcare: Leveraging a Virtual and In-Person Approach


The Future is Hybrid Because of the pandemic, telemedicine went from a practice optional fridge benefit, to a must have. The pandemic *appears* to be waning for the time being, so what does this mean for digital healthcare, considering the explosion of telemedicine and digital appointments we saw in ’20 and ’21 ? Physical (in-office […]

Remote Patient Monitoring: What Are Healthcare Providers Saying?


Remote patient monitoring is a technology that allows healthcare professionals to perform critical health monitoring outside of conventional clinical settings. These patients may be located at home or in a remote area. This technology can help improve access to health care while reducing costs and expanding the practice’s reach. For this reason, more healthcare providers […]

How Connected Care Goes Beyond Telehealth


The healthcare industry is increasingly moving toward greater reliance on connected care delivery as a method of delivering healthcare services. While this is a relatively new innovation, it has become a steady focus for hospitals and other health care providers. In fact, even individual physicians are now using this approach in an effort to reduce […]

Benefits of a Connected Care Ecosystem


Connected healthcare is an innovative digital approach to health management and delivery within a network of healthcare professionals. The vision behind this system is to improve the quality of care and the experiences of patients both in and out of the healthcare system. The focus is to enhance collaboration between professionals such as physicians, nurses, […]

How Remote Patient Monitoring Software Solutions Improve Your Practice


Remote patient monitoring is a suite devices and software tools which enable doctors to monitor the health of patients outside of a traditional medical hospital setting. The gathered information is then used to constantly monitor the health of patients for early detection of health problems or potential illnesses. With the availability of state-of-the-art technology, it […]

Technology Trends in Telehealth and Connected Care


There are many trends in telehealth and healthcare technology that will continue to shape the way we technology impacts interactions between doctors and patients. Some of these trends include: EMR: One trend that has already developed is the increased use of electronic medical records (EMR) by medical providers. Electronic medical records contain information about a […]


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