The Importance of Proper Laboratory Sample Management

  As a lab manager, you are already aware of the importance of proper sample management. Inadequate sample management can result in compromised samples, inappropriate labeling, and sample loss or misidentification. Improper sample management can also delay patient requests/results and harm your laboratory’s reputation. It is crucial for a laboratory to follow proper Standard Operating […]

Hybrid Healthcare: Leveraging a Virtual and In-Person Approach

The Future is Hybrid Because of the pandemic, telemedicine went from a practice optional fridge benefit, to a must have. The pandemic *appears* to be waning for the time being, so what does this mean for digital healthcare, considering the explosion of telemedicine and digital appointments we saw in ’20 and ’21 ? Physical (in-office […]

Data Interoperability Needs And Benefits For Laboratories

Interoperability Needs And Benefits For Laboratories With the influx and complexity of healthcare data including electronic health records (EHR) as well as other multiplex healthcare data focuses, there is an increasing need to better connect data across all healthcare systems. With interoperability, laboratories can automatically and instantaneously share data with all other care facilities, remote […]

Healthcare Software Interoperability – Planning For the Future

Healthcare interoperability is not just about sharing information; it  involves the accurate management of data and complex context(s) across different systems. It is essential to ensure that healthcare organizations share health records from multiple sources, so that clinical research teams can access patient and physician data and manage care. However, achieving this requires a careful […]