6 Advantages of Using a SaaS Solution For D2C Testing

When it comes to direct-to-consumer (D2C) laboratory testing, flexibility is often overlooked. Complicating matters, commercially available packages differ widely in their flexibility and cost. For instance, some vendors offer LIMS with the ability to add D2C aspects. But this often means spending money on custom programming that your lab doesn’t need. In addition, custom LIMS […]

Optimizing Your D2C Laboratory Testing Solution

Direct-To-Consumer Laboratory Testing Direct-to-consumer laboratory testing, also known as direct access testing, permits consumers to order laboratory tests directly from a laboratory without necessarily having to work with a healthcare provider. These test results may be used to monitor an existing health condition, identify a previously unknown medical disorder, or provide data regarding personal health […]

The Importance of Proper Laboratory Sample Management


As a lab manager, you are already aware of the importance of proper sample management. Inadequate sample management can result in compromised samples, inappropriate labeling, and sample loss or misidentification. Improper sample management can also delay patient requests/results and harm your laboratory’s reputation. It is crucial for a laboratory to follow proper Standard Operating Protocols […]

3 Performance KPIs to Optimize Laboratory Quality and Productivity


Performance Metrics to Optimize Laboratory Quality and Productivity In addition to evaluating internal lab quality, performance metrics can help identify areas of weak performance and provide the necessary direction to improve these areas. The implementation of such measures requires management to prioritize competing objectives and devise workable solutions. Benchmark metrics help ensure that the quality […]

3 Software Solutions to Help Laboratories in 2022


Laboratory software and other associated technologies continue to evolve and improve. VOLA’s partner LIMS or integration with your current LIMS can help you manage the the day-to-day operations more effectively and efficiently. This can even include the management of inventory of instruments and equipment, materials, and other items, reducing the amount of time it takes […]

VOLA Optimization: Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)


What are Laboratory Information Management Systems? Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are software products available to medical laboratory professionals that help them manage their workflow, generate reports from their workflows, and archive their samples and results. These systems are designed to help medical laboratory professionals save time and money. They help medical laboratories effectively manage […]


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