[Infographic] The continued rise of telehealth & RPM, by the numbers

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic redefined healthcare models and changed the landscape for healthcare consumers. Today, we’ll look at trends that shaped 2021 in telehealth and RPM. Source: https://www.ruby.com/infographic-telehealth-in-2021-and-beyond/ Source: https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/telehealth/7-stats-that-show-how-americans-used-telehealth-in-2021.html Source: https://chironhealth.com/blog/from-around-the-web-11-fabulous-infographics-about-telemedicine/ Remote patient monitoring and telehealth will continue to grow due to their ability to meet increasing healthcare needs. In rural areas, these technologies […]

SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS in Healthcare Software: Which is right for your practice?

The rise of cloud computing has made healthcare software more available and ultimately more affordable. By implementing SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS healthcare professionals can access custom-built applications in a matter of hours rather than weeks or months. They can also use on-demand hosted business applications like CRM and patient relationship management. These benefits can be […]

6 Healthcare Technology Trends for 2022 and Beyond

The healthcare sector has traditionally been laggard adoption of technology, but it is already introducing diverse new solutions In the near future, SaaS solutions will be an indispensable part of healthcare. By incorporating HIPAA-compliant applications, healthcare providers can expand their revenue, reduce inefficiencies, and stay ahead of the competition. The healthcare SaaS industry is expected […]

Remote Patient Monitoring: What Are Healthcare Providers Saying?

Remote patient monitoring is a technology that allows healthcare professionals to perform critical health monitoring outside of conventional clinical settings. These patients may be located at home or in a remote area. This technology can help improve access to health care while reducing costs and expanding the practice’s reach. For this reason, more healthcare providers […]

Improving Rural Access to Healthcare Through Telemedicine

Health inequity can often be a product of geographical isolation, but it can also be the result of different health outcomes among different people who live in communities with different characteristics. Some of the challenges for rural healthcare providers is reliable access to healthcare.  Telemedicine and other tools help to improve accesses, reduce the cost […]

Driving Next Generation Healthcare Software

Healthcare data management is a rapidly expanding field. As the population continues to grow and healthcare needs continue to increase, there is a growing need for complete data capture solutions. In addition, the adoption of digital tools has accelerated the growth of this field. Driven by an aging population, more patients are now turning to […]

How AI & Big Data Deliver Better Patient Care

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and its ability to work alongside human doctors and nurses are changing the way patients are seen and cared for. Patients in the future will not have to make appointments by phone or visit doctors and nurses in their homes; instead, they will be able to visit any […]

Technology Trends in Telehealth and Connected Care

There are many trends in telehealth and healthcare technology that will continue to shape the way we technology impacts interactions between doctors and patients. Some of these trends include: EMR: One trend that has already developed is the increased use of electronic medical records (EMR) by medical providers. Electronic medical records contain information about a […]