Pharmacies & Data Management Systems


Pharmacies & Data Management Systems The benefits of information and data management systems and pharmacy data management are well known to all, but many pharmacies do not utilize a reliable system. Many companies, including pharmacies, rely on antiquated data entry methods, in an attempt to save time and money. While this method can be effective, […]

Remote Healthcare Monitoring and Observation: Pros and Cons

Remote Healthcare Monitoring

Remote healthcare monitoring, also known as remote medical monitoring or remote patient monitoring, refers to the clinical measurement and monitoring of a patient’s general health condition without them having to be present in front of a healthcare professional or even in front of a computerized healthcare system.

The Rise of Digital Therapeutics

The Rise of Digital Therapeutics The term Digital Therapeutics and Digital Therapeutics Technology are relatively new ideas that combine different healthcare technologies to bring about therapeutic treatments using computers and information systems that are connected virtually. Digital therapies are generally designed for a patient population who will benefit from their use, and this is one […]

Wearable Tech & Health Monitoring

Wearable Tech & Health Monitoring Wearable technology in healthcare is revolutionizing the way patient monitoring and overall patient care is done. No longer are we just seeing devices such as insulin pumps and glucose meters installed on patients’ bodies. Nowadays, patients can be scanned using wearable technology while they are undergoing treatment so that detailed […]

The Current State of Telehealth


Telehealth is bridging the gap between physicians, patients, and medical systems. Telehealth allows nearly everyone to stay in touch with doctors via virtual connections, allowing patients to self-refer and ask questions, all from a phone, tablet, or PC. The field of telehealth has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, giving rise to a plethora of medical specialty practices such as medical transcription and telemedicine, safe interactions for the doctor and patient, and telehealth management.


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