Direct-To-Consumer Laboratory Testing

Direct-to-consumer laboratory testing, also known as direct access testing, permits consumers to order laboratory tests directly from a laboratory without necessarily having to work with a healthcare provider. These test results may be used to monitor an existing health condition, identify a previously unknown medical disorder, or provide data regarding personal health characteristics. D2C laboratory testing is a key element of ongoing efforts to increase individuals’ engagement in managing their healthcare, and it is critical that D2C test results are accurate and well understood. Laboratory professionals play a vital role in this process. – AACC, 2019.

Consumers are increasingly turning to direct-to-consumer laboratory testing to ensure that they are in good health. Increasing awareness about genetic and lifestyle-associated diseases is driving the growth of this market. While clinical laboratories are an important part of the health industry, consumers also appreciate the convenience of direct-to-consumer laboratory testing. In fact, 70% of physician diagnoses are based on the results of laboratory tests. Consumers can also use lab tests to monitor disease progression, monitor drug treatments and determine individual therapies.

Consumers can order diagnostic tests for their health problems from the comfort of their own homes, saving time and expense on a doctor’s visit. Direct-to-consumer lab testing provides patients with accurate and timely results and offers greater convenience and privacy than traditional laboratory testing. In addition, D2C laboratory testing offers actionable recommendations to complement the diagnostic results to maximize customer satisfaction. Further, consumer health and the demands of modern work schedules are driving demand for direct-to-consumer laboratory testing in the U.S.

If you are interested in starting a direct-to-consumer laboratory testing program or improving your current program, it is vital that you follow the right steps and plan ahead for success. Patient-consumerism is a growing trend that aims to make healthcare more affordable and convenient for patients. As more patients begin to adopt a self-service mentality, direct-to-consumer lab testing is expected to continue growing exponentially. Without a strategic plan as well as a sound technology partner, you will miss out on a huge opportunity.

Today, we’ll look at how VOLA can be your strategic technology partner for D2C Laboratory testing.


Compared to traditional SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS solutions, VOLA’s flexible SaaS platform can be implemented quickly and conveniently. Our comprehensive platform eliminates the need for clunky infrastructure and the middlemen, this allows your lab operations team to seamlessly perform their roles and patients to have a smooth process from intake to results. In addition, consumers can become more involved in their health by understanding the results of their own tests, which is one area where your lab can manage and improve reputation. Molly Wemlinger, Founding Partner & COO of VOLA Connected Health, explains that, “technology convenience is one of the most important factors for growing your direct to consumer lab test segments, a comprehensive and convenient platform allows for a smooth patient experience as well as allows your team to focus on their core competencies.” In addition to convenience, she stated the importance of VOLA’s interoperability and features such as RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) capabilities, seamless billing and invoicing, and telehealth hosting.


In the laboratory testing industry, scalability is a critical consideration, especially for direct-to-consumer testing. A properly scaled SaaS platform can support the needs of many users, and it can save time, money, and even reputation. However, scalability does not just refer to the number of users. It also refers to the ability of the system to handle varying amounts of traffic, data, integrations, and useability. VOLA’s platform offers better scalability, which is an essential characteristic for any modern laboratory. The elasticity and flexibility of our platform, along with our interoperability features makes it possible for suppliers to make necessary adjustments without the need for an additional investment from clients. This scalability, meanwhile, reduces client expenditures for growth. With VOLA’s platform, your  direct-to-consumer laboratory testing program can enjoy the advantages of comprehensive and flexible system.

Interoperable with legacy and future systems

Most SaaS companies are increasingly trying to incorporate integration capabilities into their product offerings, our system was built with this in mind, giving us a unique advantage. Such capabilities increase the value of our solutions for your practice, making them more attractive to users and generate significant cost savings. The primary advantage of interoperability is that it can facilitate the exchange of data between the lab and their  healthcare facilities, insurance companies, and finally, the primary care physician or patient. Within VOLA Connected Health ecosystem, a laboratory can streamline the intake of patient information and share with all other health care providers.  This fast, reliable, and accurate health information leads to improved health outcomes. Currently, there is no single standard for patient health information, so the ability to share data among different health care providers can improve overall patient care. By utilizing these features, patients will have access to a more personalized and effective approaches to their healthcare.

Tracking and Results

Proper physical specimen management ensures accurate lab results. To accomplish this you must ensure the specimen is properly labeled and stored, and most importantly, trackable. This is why VOLA implemented a bar-code scanning system. Correctly labeled specimens are crucial to overall healthcare. Results tracking and sharing in a timely manner help physicians diagnose the condition and make appropriate therapeutic decisions.  VOLA’s suite of tools keep track of samples from their receipt in the laboratory to their final storage and testing, and results distribution. Our system records detailed data about each sample during its lifecycle, including the source of the sample and the date of collection.

In addition to sample collection and transportation, the lab must ensure proper specimen handling from intake on. Proper care of the specimen can help prevent contamination. If samples are not managed correctly, they could negatively impact the quality of laboratory tests. Moreover, poor sample management can affect the quality of patient care, the cost of hospital treatment, and laboratory efficiency. For these reasons, proper specimen management is essential to ensure accuracy in laboratory results.


One of the most notable advantages of VOLA’s SaaS solutions is the fact that we are cheaper to implement than traditional infrastructure IT solutions. Additionally, the flexibility of our platforms enables them to meet most requirements, which allows healthcare providers can legitimately increase their value over time. Furthermore, it allows organizations to enjoy predictable costs, increased storage and data exchange, and enhanced analytics. Of the healthcare organizations surveyed, all use healthcare SaaS applications. They also reduce the need to hire staff with comprehensive IT or technical skillsets, this allows staff focus on their core competencies, which is better serving patients.

To sum it up

Our software solutions are developed in-house by our team after a full deep dive into your business and operational needs. By using a VOLA, a lab can focus on the science of testing and analysis rather than spending precious resources on developing bespoke software. Additionally, our  solutions allow laboratories to collaborate across different locations and disciplines by automating tasks and reducing the risk of human error. Our solutions can be tailored to the lab’s workflow and help customers achieve high-quality results without the hassle of managing samples.

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