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advanced medical solutions to bridge the gaps between patient, provider and laboratory.

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A unique suite of software solutions that is bridging the gap between patients, providers and laboratories.

VOLA is a digital solution helping to solve the issues of a disconnected healthcare system. With VOLA, key stakeholders in a patient’s health are brought together, allowing for less traveling, wait-time, and inconsistent paperwork.
VOLA is solving common problems of a disconnected healthcare world, by creating connected health IT solutions.

Who is VOLA for?



Provide your patients access to cutting-edge care and testing options with easy-to-use software with integrated virtual care features.


Standardize incoming test requests, and cross-market your laboratory services to ordering providers.


Manage patient care virtually for everything from simple consultations to advanced diagnostics needs.

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What it is

Vola is a digital healthcare solution that helps close the gap between providers, patients, and laboratories.
Today’s patients are looking for easy to use healthcare solutions that can ensure a more thorough view of their health. Providers and laboratories are looking for solutions that simplify interactions with patients and allow for easier administrative processes, freeing up additional time to spend with patients.
With VOLA we have brought these needs together in an easy to use platform that connects patients providers and laboratories.

What it does

VOLA helps laboratories, health care providers and pharmacies expand their business by:

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