Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS)

What are Laboratory Information Management Systems?

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are software products available to medical laboratory professionals that help them manage their workflow, generate reports from their workflows, and archive their samples and results. These systems are designed to help medical laboratory professionals save time and money. They help medical laboratories effectively manage their projects, implement quality assurance procedures, and provide the information that is necessary for clinical decision support and analysis.

What are the advantages of a integrating with VOLA? VOLA’s Connected Health Platform is a high-end software product already used in many medical laboratories throughout the United States. It automates a wide range of activities in laboratories, from sample collection, testing, analyzing, preparing, and submitting test results to data submission. A large number of medical laboratory software packages are available for use in this ever-changing field. Labs can purchase kits and add-ons, or they can completely outsource the management of their records.

What are some common features found in the various laboratory information management systems available to medical laboratories? There are two main factors to consider when selecting software for a lab. The first is how much work the laboratory currently performs. Certain software products are designed for large, complex laboratories that test thousands of products each year. Labs that perform less testing may be able to utilize a less complex software platform, while larger labs will likely need more functionality and greater customization options.

Another important factor in choosing laboratory information management systems is to determine what electronic data exchange (EDE) systems the laboratory uses in to send its test samples and results to outside parties. EDE systems are software applications that send electronic data exchange reports on completed test cases to selected third-party EDE vendors.

In addition to determining which software platform is best suited for laboratory information management systems, it is necessary to determine whether a third party EDE vendor is compatible with the laboratory’s current suite of hardware and software. VOLA’s software solution suites include diagnostic and performance capabilities to ensure maximum compatibility with existing laboratory software.

For laboratories that implement their own EDE solutions, the vendor must also integrate with their laboratory information management systems (LIMS). LIMS is a relational database management system (RDBMS) and is used to maintain and support data structures. A vulnerability assessment is performed on these databases to determine the suitability of a laboratory software solution. In most cases, LIMS solutions must be supported by an integration strategy from the vendor as well as the testing infrastructure.

There are advantages and disadvantages to on-premise and cloud-based deployment options. The primary advantage of on-premise software providers is flexibility. VOLA can change the application programming interfaces (APIs) at any time without upgrading the rest of the system. This allows the software to rapidly adapt to changing requirements without the need to upgrade the system.

As a laboratory operator, you have many choices when deciding how to manage your laboratory information management systems (LIMS). The right choice will depend upon your current needs and budget. Many laboratory managers find that choosing the right software provider involves making tradeoffs among the flexibility and cost. If you expect to make frequent changes to the applications, cloud-based applications may be the best option for your laboratory. However, if you plan to make more permanent changes to the applications, on-premise software is often the best choice. Regardless of which option you choose, you can integrate your current laboratory information management system (LIMS) with VOLA to effectively increase productivity, save money, and improve your laboratory operations.

VOLA’s Healthcare application developers have created numerous applications that will be beneficial to the healthcare industry. These innovative developments have created products and solutions that will provide hospitals and doctors with real-time data on patient conditions. With these tools, healthcare professionals will be able to deliver the best care possible to patients. The healthcare connected technologies are designed to improve the healthcare experience for both patients and medical professionals. The next generation of medical devices and solutions will be designed with the latest in technology and security standards.

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