Laboratories and pharmacies have come a long way in their technological capabilities in recent years.  Furthermore, data is suggesting the continued rapid growth in both laboratory and pharmacy market sectors. However, the profitability of these ventures is not without challenges as is evident by the current economic situation(s). As laboratory and pharmacy organizations look for new ways to improve their patient care and data management, increase profits margins, and streamline legacy systems, they are turning to companies such as VOLA.

One of the first and foremost issues that VOLA can solve is related to the data management in which pharmacies and laboratories access, manipulate, analyze, and distribute data. Today’s laboratories and pharmacies must precisely regulate the data and the accompanying processes. For the streamlined approach to work, the data must be quickly and securely accessed through a central hub or portal that allows for permissioned hierarchies.

The second important aspect of laboratory and pharmacy information systems relates to the protection of both the patient and the laboratory/pharmacy employees who generate the results for patients and clients. Laboratory and pharmacy tests such as genetic, drug, and blood are performed on patients can contain particularly sensitive data, because the results themselves can cause serious adverse reactions and consequences if data is mismanaged or leaked. A well-implemented system will allow a facility to track patient test intake so that only the appropriate results are shared, and with only the necessary individuals.

Another benefit stems from the VOLA system’s ability to increase productivity of the staff that performs the necessary lab testing, pharmacy operations management, and patient record keeping. As the need for laboratory testing increases, the staff necessary to perform this work typically increases, which often leads to an increase in staffing costs. This is especially true when the facility is a private entity, rather than a government agency or large corporation. If the workload can be reduced by simply adding a streamlined data management system, such as VOLA’s Connected Health platform, the savings will then be passed on to the customers in the form of lower prices.

VOLA’s platform allows for legacy laboratory and pharmacy systems to easily integrate and optimize for a structured transition. This optimization is recognized a number of ways, however the use of electronic patient medical records, commonly known as EMRs, is one of the primary ways. VOLA’s platform is designed so that laboratory employees and pharmacists can easily and quickly access information from the EMRs of patients. An EMR can contain very valuable patient data; however, it is important that the data is stored securely and is protected from unauthorized access. VOLA allows all specified employees or patients to access and update the information contained in their EMRs through our proprietary data management system.

VOLA’s platform can even help with modern laboratory equipment, including digital measurement and other digital healthcare instruments. Digital and virtual integration with these laboratory instruments in real-time greatly improves the quality of samples taken from patients. This results in increased accuracy and reduced cost for laboratory and pharmacies.

There is no doubt, laboratories and pharmacies play an ever-increasing important role in improving patient care by enabling operations to serve their patients more efficiently. Simple and optimized laboratory and pharmacy operations are essential for patient health and facility success. Proper management of laboratories and pharmacies ensures that patients receive the best possible care from their health professionals.

VOLA’s Connected Health provides a platform for the care of the patient to be delivered from the very beginning. The need for laboratories and pharmacies to provide clear instructions, have concise, real-time information, and be able to provide feedback when necessary is becoming increasingly important. This helps to create a strong connection between the laboratories and pharmacies and the patient throughout the entire healthcare process. The platform increases the ability to share data with others that helps patients to understand and engage with their health needs as best they can and to deal with the challenges that may arise in the healthcare process. It helps patients understand how to make the most of their healthcare and gives them confidence that they will be taken care of properly and with encourage engagement. The care of the patient becomes the main priority and this results in the patient maintaining a strong sense of involvement in their healthcare needs.

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