Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

User Friendly, Flexible LIMS System for Laboratories
Tracking your clinical lab processes is not only mandated by regulations but is also critical to your lab operations. VOLA has developed a leading LIMS that enables easy tracking of complete pipelines from initial sample through resulting data with simple configurations.
From requisition forms to results, the VOLA system helps you receive, process and deliver more tests efficiently leading to an increase in your bottom line.
Customized workflows and automated reporting, VOLA LIMS manages all your samples, experiments, and results. It combines the best of a aboratory information management system (LIMS) with modernized, easy-to-use interfaces. VOLA LIMS is truly an end-to-end solution that allows you to manage the full content and context of your laboratory.
No matter how complex your lab, VOLA’s LIMS can accommodate your needs. The system can also be rapidly deployed, saving you time and effort.

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Physician Portal

Dealing with paper orders is the least efficient way to process lab requests. It can create a costly extra burden on the client services group in dealing with order deficiencies. VOLA LIMS includes a complete provider portal where physicians can electronically order tests, see test menus, receive patient reports and more. This streamlines the order processing timelines and improves order quality which enables reduction in needed staffing for your client services group.

Patient Reporting

For any clinical lab provider, the primary product is the patient report. Vola offers real-time access to providers and patients online via the reporting module.

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