Today we’ll explore some of the ways that patient engagement software can improve the quality of your healthcare services. The use of integrated software platforms for patient engagement can drive significant benefits for healthcare organizations.  A recent survey of health professionals, shows some top benefits of implementing patient engagement technology.

Patient engagement software allows for quick and easy digital patient interactions, which leads to a better experience and increased engagement. If you’re a healthcare provider, patient engagement is clearly vital to your success. This is because a high patient engagement rate can do everything from reducing readmissions, speeding up payments, to supporting early disease detection and prevention. But what exactly does patient engagement mean for your practice? And what exactly does VOLA‘s patient engagement capabilities do? Let’s find out as well as look at three additional ways to utilize patient engagement software to improve your practice.

Cultivate Communication

Open communication between doctor and patient, or doctor and lab, is a key component to patient engagement. It allows doctors to obtain complete information and administer correct diagnosis in a timely manner. Appropriate communication helps patients adhere to treatment and achieve long-term health benefits. A patient centric engagement model encourages all concerned parties to share information and discuss treatment options and supportive goals. Concerning practice internal staff, an improved communication flow can also reinforce the evolution of patient engagement adoption techniques, no matter the size of your practice. However, if patient engagement efforts aren’t properly managed, patients may not benefit from them. Moreover, patient engagement communication needs to consist of a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies. VOLA’s suite of tools can be tailored to help to accomplish communication goals by implementing appointment setting and reminders, driving patient education, telehealth and RPM hosting, and much more.

Extend Your Practice’s Reach

Patient engagement software extends the reach of your practice beyond basic traditional patient outreach. Patients can be engaged through patient engagement software at any touchpoint, from patient registration to the billing process. VOLA’s Connected Care patient portal can also enhance patient engagement and reach by reminding patients of all the can do for themselves with this tool, which frees up staff time and reduces burnout. There are even opportunities to reach patients in different ways, including telehealth hosting and virtual appointments where the patient cannot be physically present. To reach even more patients, our applications also integrate with remote physiologic monitoring devices to help diagnose and monitor patients. Ultimately, patients want to interact directly with their health care providers, however a large portion of patients cannot due to a myriad of reasons including lack of access and inequities. Using patient engagement software can enable healthcare providers to reach out to a larger population and help lessen these health inequities.

Personalization Of Care

Patient engagement software also improves the doctor-patient personal relationship. Better knowledge of their patient allows physicians to better treat them. With a personal approach patients feel more confident in their care. They’ll appreciate the fact that they’re actively engaged with their health care providers through streamlined digital processes. This type of software will also allow your team to work together with the patient and improve the relationship between the two. In this patient-centered marketplace, a personalized holistic approach is necessary to thrive. VOLA’s patient engagement healthcare software can help you deliver an exceptional personalized patient experience through a patient portal and integrated communication tools. In addition, our solution offers a range of other features to ensure care plan implementation, monitoring, completion and compliance. Personalized communications can be sent to patients to remind them of their care plan guidelines, and alerts can be sent about a patient’s upcoming virtual or in-office visit.

VOLA’s Mission

While patient engagement healthcare software isn’t a cure-all solution, it can promote greater collaboration between physicians and patients. Ultimately, this collaboration will increase patient loyalty, retention, communication, and lead to better health outcomes. Increased patient retention and patient satisfaction translate to greater revenue for healthcare providers.

As the adoption of patient engagement technology continues to accelerate, there are still some barriers to implementing such solutions. One of the biggest challenges is the huge investment requirements and a fragmented market for patient engagement technology. Another obstacle is security of patient data. Moreover, the implementing and managing patient engagement technology depends on a variety of factors and legacy technologies. VOLA aims to solve these challenges.

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