Remote patient monitoring is a technology that allows healthcare professionals to perform critical health monitoring outside of conventional clinical settings. These patients may be located at home or in a remote area. This technology can help improve access to health care while reducing costs and expanding the practice’s reach. For this reason, more healthcare providers are implementing it. Check out the infographic below for what surveyed healthcare providers are saying about RPM and it’s implementation, use cases, and more.

Only about a 1/5 of healthcare providers surveyed have implemented or adopted RPM capabilities.

Implementing remote patient monitoring software solutions is crucial for physicians and hospitals to remain up to date with the latest in patient care. This enables them to make the necessary adjustments in treatment as needed. The speed at which technology is advancing is amazing, making it important for physicians and hospitals to utilize these resourceful systems. These software solutions not only provide instant information on vital signs of patients but also provide valuable information on a wide variety of topics. Remotely connected healthcare professionals have the tools and the knowledge necessary to give patients the care that they need.

VOLA’s Healthcare application developers have created numerous applications that will be beneficial to the healthcare industry and their implementation of AI and big data. These innovative developments have created products and solutions that will provide hospitals and doctors with real-time data on patient conditions. With these tools, healthcare professionals will be able to deliver the best care possible to patients. The healthcare connected technologies are designed to improve the healthcare experience for both patients and medical professionals. The next generation of medical devices and solutions will be designed with the latest in technology and security standards.

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