Healthcare organizations are constantly working with large amounts of information, so flexibility in a healthcare SaaS solution is important.

Flexibility in Healthcare Software SaaS

With the growth of telehealth and other digital health solutions, technology continues to transform the healthcare industry. Couple that fact with increased demand for integrated digital health options in practices, the need for reliable technology has never been greater. If you’re considering updating your legacy system, flexibility in a healthcare SaaS platform is a key benefit to consider. Your software should enable you to customize its functions for your unique needs, resulting in faster and more efficient implementation times, and improved patient outcomes. It should also afford you cost-savings and improved patient digital safety. Read on to learn more about the benefits of VOLA Connected Health’s software.

Customizability, Interoperable Workflows, & Security

With the growing adoption of healthcare Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models, customized solutions are becoming more popular than ever. VOLA’s proprietary technology enables medical practices, laboratories, and medical marketing organizations to streamline their patient care and optimize their business processes. While API-first solutions have higher extensibility and more community engagement, some healthcare organizations prefer to harmonize their data with existing infrastructure. Our interoperable solutions ensure it integrates seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure. Therefore, much of our focus is enhanced integration capabilities through customized solutions, so your focus can be optimization.

To stay competitive in the healthcare software market, healthcare providers must provide a wide range of solutions that meet specific needs and workflows. To accomplish this, VOLA has a portfolio of products and services that solve efficiency challenges and provide a substantial return on investment. In addition to offering a diverse catalog of solutions, we provide cutting-edge tech support that integrates cloud management tools and logic innovations.

When considering a SaaS solution, healthcare organizations should ensure that it can process multiple data formats. In addition, the solution should allow for a variety of data storage options. This can make the healthcare solution more versatile and flexible, allowing organizations to adapt it to its own unique workflow. It can also decrease authorization-related denials and write-offs in billing. It also reduces medical errors. Furthermore, healthcare IT staff members can focus on other, more critical tasks. Data migration should be easy and seamless, this can be accomplished through interoperable solutions.

Finally, healthcare organizations need to increase security of their data. To ensure patient safety, it’s imperative that they have the ability to adhere to all regulations including HIPAA. A reliable Healthcare Software SaaS platform allows for this. VOLA’s platform is flexible enough to accommodate large-scale growth without incurring large overhead costs for your team.  Healthcare businesses are finding it essential to improve cooperation and streamline processes across departments, which calls for data security at the highest level.

Quicker Deployment and More Cost Effective implementation

Compared to expensive on-premise infrastructure solutions (IaaS), VOLA’s SaaS platform has a quicker start-to-finish deployment time. During the initial research and development process, healthcare providers need to determine the exact solution they need. Choosing an on-premise solution infrastructure solutions is typically slow and hard to implement, requiring personnel, hardware, and a large budget. Our solutions are easier to implement, offering the benefits of subscriptive-based pricing, outsourced staff, and servers to manage your data.  Your organization can also gain operational efficiencies through the use of SaaS models, which allow healthcare businesses to automate manual processes. Automating these processes can help health organizations save up to 70% on data entry costs.  These services are hosted centrally and can eliminate the need for incremental infrastructure. Because VOLA offers high levels of flexibility and efficiency, the cost of acquisition is relatively low.

One of the most notable advantages of VOLA’s SaaS solutions is the fact that we are cheaper to implement than traditional infrastructure IT solutions. Additionally, the flexibility of our platforms enables them to meet most requirements, which allows healthcare providers can legitimately increase their value over time. Furthermore, it allows organizations to enjoy predictable costs, increased storage and data exchange, and enhanced analytics. Of the healthcare organizations surveyed, all use healthcare SaaS applications. They also reduce the need to hire staff with comprehensive IT or technical skillsets, this allows staff focus on their core competencies, which is better serving patients.

Improving Patient Outcomes

The use of an interactive patient-provider software platform can help physicians and hospitals optimize communication and improve patient outcomes. Healthcare professionals have long recognized that early intervention is the key to improving patient outcomes. By integrating patient-provider software, healthcare professionals can easily access relevant patient information from various sources and tailor treatment plans to the patient’s unique circumstances. Such platforms can also help prevent supplemental risks and improve patient outcomes by giving physicians and hospitals better information on a patient’s current health and lifestyle.

The use of an interactive patient-provider software platform can help improve patient engagement, patient satisfaction, and price transparency. A secure patient portal can help patients book online appointments, complete intake paperwork, request prescription refills, and message doctors. Such a patient-provider software platform can also serve as an educational resource for patients, guiding them on healthcare. Further, it can help healthcare providers improve the accuracy of billing and coding.

Which model is right for your practice?

The healthcare Software SaaS model offers healthcare organizations many advantages, including affordability and scalability. It eliminates the need for infrastructure investments, enables seamless integration and allows for easy scalability. And because it’s a subscription model, practices and providers don’t have to worry about wasted resources. In addition, healthcare organizations can use VOLA’s applications on a variety of existing platforms, which is an added advantage for many organizations. After all, a healthcare IT system should work together with your existing systems to ensure that you’re getting the best results.

VOLA’s applications include patient portals, telemedicine, e-prescribing, scheduling, and medical billing. The list also includes financial management and revenue cycle management. Taking advantage of these options will help the healthcare industry keep up with the demands of patients and address any gaps.

To sum it up

Our software solutions are developed in-house by our team after a full deep dive into your business and operational needs. By using a VOLA, a lab can focus on the science of testing and analysis rather than spending precious resources on developing bespoke software. Additionally, our  solutions allow laboratories to collaborate across different locations and disciplines by automating tasks and reducing the risk of human error. Our solutions can be tailored to the lab’s workflow and help customers achieve high-quality results without the hassle of managing samples.

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