Telemedicine allows providers and patients to see one another in real-time using internet connected tools such as laptops and mobile communication devices. “In-office” refers to the traditional doctor and healthcare experience. The balance of telemedicine and in-office care are rapidly impacting the healthcare industry. More providers are offering these innovative services to their patients and clinics than ever before, which is leading to dramatic balance (and possibly imbalance) between virtual and in-person patient access. The ability to conduct medical consults virtually is a huge asset for both patients and medical professionals. However, many healthcare professionals have not fully adopted telemedicine and what it can mean to their business and patients.

According to the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), telemedicine and in-office care represent “the integration of two different elements, namely, a service provided by the physician and a service provided by the patient’s clinic or hospital.” Telemedicine, therefore, “combines the efficiencies of the two procedures with the convenience of the one.” Additionally, there is a convergence of technology between the two processes. For instance, many providers now use computerized physician order entry software, such as VOLA, that can be accessed virtually with laptops and other mobile devices.

The balancing of telemedicine and in-office care also provides doctors with the ability to screen patients quickly and efficiently before scheduling an in-office visit. Many physicians like to take a glimpse into a patient’s history before scheduling an office visit. By using connected systems such VOLA’s platform, doctors can view a patient’s medical history, vital signs, and symptoms through the computer and mobile application. Once they have viewed the patient’s history, doctors can then determine whether or not the patient is a good candidate for surgery, can schedule the office visit, and then can prescribe a medication or procedure that will best treat the patient’s illness or condition. Telemedicine can also help doctors to avoid a trip to the E.R. for emergency room or surgical procedures.

Furthermore, telemedicine allows doctors to collaborate with their colleagues across the globe, they are better able to provide their patients with the highest quality care. Telemedicine allows a doctor to collaborate with colleagues in the U.S., Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa. This allows the doctor to see patients more accurately and offer better overall medical care stemming from the expertise of a global network of doctors.

Telemedicine and in-office consultation services will continue to be a balance for healthcare providers. The same goes laboratories, pharmacies, and the like. Telemedicine has brought benefits not only to hospitals and doctors’ offices, but to patients as well. With telemedicine, a patient can get routine care wherever and whenever it is best suited, and a doctor no longer has to make multiple office visits. The convenience of telemedicine is already becoming a norm in many offices. However, a duality of care will still be needed and hotly debated for the foreseeable future. Let VOLA’s Connected Health platform help you streamline and balance your practice!

VOLA’s Connected Health is for a “Telemedicine/In-Office” balance. We provide a platform for the care of the patient to be delivered from the very beginning. The need for healthcare providers to provide clear instructions, have concise, real-time,  information and be able to provide feedback when necessary is becoming increasingly important. This helps to create a strong connection between the health service provider and the patient throughout the entire healthcare process. The platform increases the ability to share data with others that helps patients to understand and engage with their health needs as best they can and to deal with the challenges that may arise in the healthcare process. It helps patients understand how to make the most of their healthcare and gives them confidence that they will be taken care of properly and with encourage engagement. The care of the patient becomes the main priority and this results in the patient maintaining a strong sense of involvement in their healthcare needs.

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