Telemedicine’s Continued Expansion

In short, telemedicine is continuing to transform the way people gain healthcare access in communities across the United States and around the globe. It is bringing quality healthcare to the people who need it the most, and has the potential to dramatically increase access to care even in places where it has traditionally been most limited.  Leveraging telehealth usage will help to make sure that everyone has the access to healthcare services they need.

By creating a more accessible healthcare experience through web based devices and technological advancements, healthcare providers can reach patients faster and more efficiently than ever before. Patients are also more comfortable with their doctor and are more likely to take advantage of available services if they feel the doctor and their practice are connected. Telemedicine has already revolutionized traditional medicine; connected care is set to revolutionize the healthcare industry as a whole.

If you are considering investing in your medical practice, now is the time to explore all of the new opportunities available through digital technology. Telemedicine hosting platforms and the appropriate software can help you extend and simply your telehealth offerings and operations.

Vola’s hosting platform and software includes clinical documentation, electronic medical records, patient portals, billing and insurance processing. These features can help your practice function more efficiently without jeopardizing digital security. With a comprehensive application, you can manage all patient data and ensure that insurance claims are processed correctly. In addition, these telemedicine applications integrate with other applications, such as EHRs. Choosing the right software can help you save time, money, and hassles but most importantly, increase patient engagement and satisfaction.

Why choose VOLA’s technology for your practice telehealth solution?

Vola Connected Health Ecosystem


Our software solutions for telemedicine include numerous features. A typical customizable platform will include video conferencing, ePrescribe, medical charting, and billing solutions. There are also a variety of other applications that can be integrated into our telemedicine platform. It is important to choose the features that best fit your needs and budget. If you’re looking for a complete and interoperable solution, you should consider the features and functionality of a VOLA’s telemedicine software and hosting platform.


Our telemedicine solutions will also integrate with larger EHR services and other medical practice management software. You can integrate your telemedicine software to your existing EHR or PM software. And, by integrating with payment as well as billing systems, you can save time and money and mitigate any leakage. With our telemedicine hosting platform and it’s convenient integrations, your practice can ultimately improve the quality of care provided.


A telemedicine software platform should be flexible, not just for your practice but for your patient interactions as well. It should be able to provide patients with an online calendar and list appointments, as well as reminders for these appointments. The software should allow patients to edit and add appointments. Our telemedicine platform allows your practice to build efficiency and access through flexible and agile software solutions.

Software solutions for a healthcare system are crucial components for successful management a clinic, lab, or pharmacy. Interoperability ensures secure transitions of care, which leads to better patient outcomes. As a healthcare provider if you want your practice to become more efficient and save money, a software platform tailored to your needs is the right solution. You can evaluate software solutions by conducting consultations with software vendors who offer a full range of innovative software solutions for healthcare systems, such as VOLA Connected Health. VOLA will provide you with information on how a software system will work in your practice and what you need to consider. A good vendor will be able to give you an in-depth consultation to answer these questions. When you take this step, you can be confident that your practice will be well-organized, save money, and become more user-friendly.

VOLA’s Healthcare application developers have created numerous applications that will be beneficial to the healthcare industry. These innovative developers have created products and solutions that will provide hospitals and doctors with real-time data on patient conditions. With these tools, healthcare professionals will be able to deliver the best care possible to patients. These connected technologies are designed to improve the healthcare experience for both patients and medical professionals.

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Our mission is to support the rapidly growing digital transformation of the healthcare industry. We do this by equipping medical offices and telehealth providers with customizable and affordable technology. One of our key differentiators is our ability to connect laboratory tests into the workflow of telehealth services. Additionally, we have a dedicated SaaS product line to support laboratories and laboratory marketing organizations.


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