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Vola Connected Health Ecosystem

Streamline, Simplify and optimize your digital workflow solutions


VOLA offers a unique suite of software solutions that bridge the gap between patients, providers and laboratories.

The VOLA Connected Health platform is a comprehensive digital solution tailored to fit the unique needs of today’s medical practices and laboratories and has been developed to easily integrate with current systems.

VOLA improves and simplifies medical practice and laboratory workflows, data management and communication.

The connected health Ecosystem by VOLA encourages and facilitates more tests, products, and service orders while eliminating bottlenecks stemming from legacy systems.

VOLA is solving common problems of a disconnected healthcare world, by creating connected health solutions.


Medical Practice

Through VOLA's Connected Health Ecosystem, easily streamline your patient intake process, data management, and communication by enhancing your digital workflows between your patients and laboratories.


Streamline, simplify and optimize sales solutions and data management. Virtually connect and manage in-house and remote teams and increase your orders for tests, products, or services.


VOLA's Telehealth Solutions will optimize or expand your practice's telehealth services and increase your patients by optimizing the management of your patient care. Schedule, connect, manage, prescribe and conduct consults easily and securely.

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