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The benefits of information and data management systems and pharmacy data management are well known to all, but many pharmacies do not utilize a reliable system. Many companies, including pharmacies, rely on antiquated data entry methods, in an attempt to save time and money. While this method can be effective, it is also prone to errors and the possibility of missing pertinent information. A better method is to use a pharmacy data management system to ensure all of the data is stored and tracked correctly and up to date.

Software packages, such as VOLA’s platform, have been specifically designed for pharmacies use. VOLA’s platform and services use all of the latest technology to help pharmacies run more efficiently, while also protecting them against security threats and fraud. The software streamlines standard operating procedures, greatly reducing the need for personnel to manually input prescriptions and other information. This can greatly cut down on costs and time required to manage data.

These systems can be used to integrate with billing and accounting software to allow medical personnel to electronically file claims. This greatly reduces the chances of errors when filing claims, considerably improving accuracy and reducing the need for staff to perform such tasks. It can also be used as a means of keeping up with government regulations by adding the pharmacy’s code to the systems that file the claims. For instance, if a patient’s insurance company files a claim, the code from the software system can be cross-referenced with the relevant documentation in order to determine which service was performed and to what extent.

Another way VOLA’s systems are beneficial to pharmacies is that they can be used to automatically generate invoices, receipts and keep track of all types of transactions going on at the pharmacy. This greatly reduces the number of forms that need to be filled out, which results in significantly reduced clerical errors. An additional benefit is that all the information is secure and protected. By using a combination of special coding and storage mechanisms, these systems can safely store all types of financial data, even confidential ones.

With so much importance placed on the security, reliability, and management of data, it is surprising that there are still many pharmacies that do not utilize some form of data management. Perhaps, that is why more people are not familiar with the many benefits of this type of software and how it can improve the efficiency and productivity of a pharmacy. The time to become familiar with the benefits of this software is now! Get started with VOLA’s offerings and see how a reputable and experienced data management company can help your business.


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