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Now, more than ever, patients are looking for healthcare services that are not bound by a visit to a physical office. Traditional providers need ways to expand their reach to patients in and out of the office and telehealth-only providers are looking to meet with their patients online through an easy-to-use platform.
Through VOLA’s Telehealth solutions, specialized telehealth provider groups can easily connect to their audiences through an online-based clinic that is easy to use and access. Furthermore, people in rural areas can easily be treated and followed by a primary care provider or a specialist without driving great distances to a medical center. Likewise, elderly patients can visit with their doctor from their home or assisted living community.
Providers – office and online based – need virtual solutions to connect to their patients where they are.

What is Telehealth / Telemedicine

Continued Telehealth Uptick:New analysis indicates telehealth use has increased 38X from the pre-COVID-19 baseline. Up to $250 billion of the current U.S. healthcare spending is expected to shift from in person to virtual (McKinsey, 2021)

Who is the Platform For?

Telehealth has many benefits for providers:

Telehealth is beneficial for patients, too:

Telehealth is an overarching term for healthcare services delivered using telecommunications technologies. Within telehealth, telemedicine is the term used to describe the delivery of clinical services and care, including evaluation, diagnosis, treatment plan, follow up care, and ongoing management of medications or chronic disease.
Telemedicine is proving to be a great value to patients as well as providers. People with limited access, elderly populations, working parents, and patients who are less ambulatory during post-operative recovery all benefit from being seen by a clinician without having to travel to a brick- and-mortar office.
Through VOLA’s Telehealth Solutions, people have increased access to healthcare, including individuals in rural areas who can easily be treated and followed by a primary care provider or a specialist without driving great distances to a medical center. As well as, elderly patients can visit with their doctor from their home or assisted living community.

Are patients comfortable with telemedicine?

Absolutely. One study found that 64% of patients would see a doctor by video. In another study of patients’ satisfaction with telehealth visits after receiving one, 94% – 99% reported being “very satisfied” with all telehealth attributes.

What Conditions/Services Are Offered?

In primary care, patients are treated for minor acute conditions such as allergies, pink eye, rashes, back pain, and poison ivy. Chronic conditions such as mental health issues, diabetes, or congestive heart failure can also be managed by a combination of remote patient monitoring and video visits. Barring a surgical procedure, nearly any kind of office visit and/or follow up in primary care can be conducted using telemedicine.
On the specialty side, modern surgical groups are moving toward the delivery of post-op follow up visits using telemedicine. They can also deliver test reviews and consultations, and video visits are great for connecting specialists with rural hospitals and physicians to render opinions on their cases.
In addition to increased access to specialists, through the VOLA telehealth solution, prescriptions and genetic testing can be ordered for patients as well.
The mobile app and kiosk solutions provide patients and providers with a simple solution to register for an account, enter their insurance or payment type, – fill out a health questionnaire and schedule a consultation with one a medical provider.
Utilizing Machine Learning and AI technology a provider will be selected and connected with the patient. As a result, the provider will be able to see the patients information and take a patient’s vitals* ( if they have the appropriate wearable compared to their profile). The patient and provider will be able to communicate directly through the app via phone, video, live chat, and text.
Utilizing AI, the consultation will be converted to text for the provider so that they can easily and more quickly review and update their notes to provide back to the patient.
A provider may also order tests and or prescribed medications for the patient in real time. As well as, any needed follow-up consults can easily be scheduled.

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