The healthcare industry is continually looking for ways to improve its functioning and streamline approaches to how patients, doctors, and healthcare facilitators interact. Changes and improvements in healthcare technology takes place at a breakneck pace, this pace produces a need to bridge the gaps in older technologies and emerging technological trends. Healthcare application development, or HAD, is one of such technology that has made a strong impact on the industry and provides some of the aforementioned technological bridges. VOLA’s digital platform helps healthcare facilitators to use electronic medical record software, electronic health records (EHR), patient data entry, provider/patient communication, and much more into a software platform that can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or smartphone through an internet connection.

VOLA is an online application that connects the hospitals, pharmacy or laboratory with physicians and other medical staffs to provide easy access to patients’ medical records at all times. Application development is always improving and evolving to meet unique healthcare provider needs within VOLA’s platform. It also allows them to make secure purchases and provides the patient with complete information regarding medicines, diagnosis, and testing. This is done from a central data database that contains all the necessary information regarding the patient’s health. This database is frequently updated and is designed in such a way that provides real-time information to the staffs without interrupting their routine work.

VOLA’s healthcare application development also allows for bridging the gaps between EHR and EMR platforms. EHR or Electronic Health Record is designed to standardize the entire medical practice’s electronic health record, or EHR, system including patient education, care plans, billing, medical procedures, etc. EHR system enables a physician and his or her staff to generate reports for each patient. However, the traditional process of transferring information from an EHR to an EMR or to a paper-based medical file is cumbersome. This has prompted many healthcare providers to adopt VOLA’s technology for efficient management of patient’s records and for recording all types of patient information.

Soon, VOLA’s healthcare applications developers will incorporate healthcare connected health records that contains a patient’s real-time medical status as well as other personal details. Through a connected wearable device, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals will have access the patient’s vital signs and other vital information instantaneously. The nurse can check the patient’s temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and respiratory rate from a remote location. Furthermore, these wearable medical devices will also contain basic and advanced medical treatments that can be availed by the doctor and nurses.

Mobile device application development is also used for providing healthcare services to the patients. For instance, the device could be used to conduct home medical assessments. For example, it can facilitate laboratory tests, weigh patients and take their blood pressure. It is able to record vital signs and perform other clinical functions such as diagnosing symptoms. A good device would be able to take photos and videos of the patient and transmit them to the doctor or other healthcare professionals. It would also be able to send electronic data to the patient’s physician which would allow him to review the data and determine the best medical treatment for the patient.

Another application developed for healthcare-connected systems is the mobile application specifically for pharmacies. Through this technology, pharmacies are able to streamline the patient intake, medication requirements, billing, and much more. This will help them create customer loyalty and keep customers loyal to their brands. A pharmacy-connected system would let the customers book their prescriptions online using credit cards. This will make the patients feel comfortable as they can manage their medications and their healthcare at the same time.

VOLA’s Healthcare application developers have created numerous applications that will be beneficial to the healthcare industry. These innovative developments have created products and solutions that will provide hospitals and doctors with real-time data on patient conditions. With these tools, healthcare professionals will be able to deliver the best care possible to patients. The healthcare connected technologies are designed to improve the healthcare experience for both patients and medical professionals. The next generation of medical devices and solutions will be designed with the latest in technology and security standards.

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