October 18th, 2021

Joplin, MO: Vola announced today that Chad Mathis, MD, MBA has been appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer. An experienced business leader and medical professional, Dr. Mathis has served as Chief Medical Officer of Vola for the past several months and will now be managing the overall direction and strategy of the rapidly growing company.

Dr. Mathis is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and has held positions in the areas of both public and private healthcare. In addition to owning his own healthcare practice, Dr. Mathis served as Senior Advisor in the Immediate Office of the Secretary at U.S. Health and Human Services aiding in the pandemic response. Prior to that, he served as Chief Medical Officer at leading EMR healthcare company, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (MDRX). Before working in the health IT sector, Dr. Mathis was a Global Senior Medical Director at Smith & Nephew (LSE: SN, NYSE: SNN). He received his healthcare MBA at the Kelley School of Business in Indianapolis, Indiana and completed the Harvard Business Analytics Program.

Telehealth quickly became a standard for access to healthcare during the pandemic as COVID-19 spread, forcing clinics to shutter their doors. While many offices were able to reopen after they established additional safeguards, a rapidly growing number of patients, as well as providers, continue to benefit from the convenience and added safety provided by virtual care, especially for routine visits.


Vola has developed a comprehensive product suite that fills a void not addressed by many healthcare IT providers. “At Vola, we account for the needs of both the patients and healthcare providers. Our goal is to provide a seamless, integrated flow of data between patients, providers, and ancillary services,” says Dr. Mathis.

About Vola

Vola Connected Health is a privately held company. Vola’s mission is to support the rapidly growing digital transformation of the healthcare industry. We do this by equipping medical offices and telehealth providers with customizable and affordable technology. One of our key differentiators is our ability to connect laboratory tests into the workflow of telehealth services. Additionally, we have a dedicated SaaS product line to support laboratories and specialty healthcare organizations.

VOLA’s Connected Health provides a platform for the care of the patient to be delivered from the very beginning. The need for healthcare providers to provide clear instructions, have concise, real-time,  information and be able to provide feedback when necessary is becoming increasingly important. This helps to create a strong connection between the health service provider and the patient throughout the entire healthcare process. The platform increases the ability to share data with others that helps patients to understand and engage with their health needs as best they can and to deal with the challenges that may arise in the healthcare process. It helps patients understand how to make the most of their healthcare and gives them confidence that they will be taken care of properly and encourage engagement. The care of the patient becomes the main priority and this results in the patient maintaining a strong sense of involvement in their healthcare needs.

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