Improving Rural Access to Healthcare Through Telemedicine


Health inequity can often be a product of geographical isolation, but it can also be the result of different health outcomes among different people who live in communities with different characteristics. Some of the challenges for rural healthcare providers is reliable access to healthcare.  Telemedicine and other tools help to improve accesses, reduce the cost […]

Software Interoperability in Digital Healthcare


There is no denying the fact that software solutions are becoming a key growing role in the healthcare evolution. Furthermore, it is no longer a secret that the healthcare industry is making huge investments in software solutions. Software solutions are used in a variety of areas like, financial and accounting, customer service, insurance, pharmaceuticals, patient […]

How Telemedicine Powers Healthcare Equity


In the not so distant past, quality healthcare delivery had been relegated to few, making healthcare an extremely unequitable sector of the US. As we have seen, this only resulted in increased cost for care by reducing access to care at any given time. As a result, the health care system continues to be out […]

Benefits of a Connected Care Ecosystem


Connected healthcare is an innovative digital approach to health management and delivery within a network of healthcare professionals. The vision behind this system is to improve the quality of care and the experiences of patients both in and out of the healthcare system. The focus is to enhance collaboration between professionals such as physicians, nurses, […]

Driving Next Generation Healthcare Software


Healthcare data management is a rapidly expanding field. As the population continues to grow and healthcare needs continue to increase, there is a growing need for complete data capture solutions. In addition, the adoption of digital tools has accelerated the growth of this field. Driven by an aging population, more patients are now turning to […]