The Benefits of Implementing Telemedicine Within Rural Healthcare Providers

Connected healthcare led by the implementation of telemedicine is quickly becoming an essential component of rural healthcare delivery. In rural regions across the United States and in Canada, there are many challenges rural healthcare providers and patients face. Remote monitoring and access to medical care can be a challenge for rural residents and healthcare providers. […]

Laboratories and Pharmacies: Software to Optimize and Simplify Operations

Laboratories and pharmacies have come a long way in their technological capabilities in recent years.  Furthermore, data is suggesting the continued rapid growth in both laboratory and pharmacy market sectors. However, the profitability of these ventures is not without challenges as is evident by the current economic situation(s). As laboratory and pharmacy organizations look for […]

Telemedicine vs. In-Office: A Duality of Care for Healthcare Providers

Telemedicine allows providers and patients to see one another in real-time using internet connected tools such as laptops and mobile communication devices. “In-office” refers to the traditional doctor and healthcare experience. The balance of telemedicine and in-office care are rapidly impacting the healthcare industry. More providers are offering these innovative services to their patients and […]

Artificial Intelligence: Applications in a New Era of Healthcare

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Applications in a New Era of Healthcare The arrival of artificial intelligence in healthcare brings with it the promise of revolutionizing the key sectors of the global healthcare industry. In upcoming years, the medical industry is estimated to be spending $7 trillion on healthcare expenses alone, see figure below for areas and projections. […]

VOLA’s Software Functionality for Healthcare Connected Technology

The healthcare industry is continually looking for ways to improve its functioning and streamline approaches to how patients, doctors, and healthcare facilitators interact. Changes and improvements in healthcare technology takes place at a breakneck pace, this pace produces a need to bridge the gaps in older technologies and emerging technological trends. Healthcare application development, or […]

Emerging Trends in Remote Patient Monitoring

remote patient monitoring

Emerging Trends in Remote Patient Monitoring Remote patient monitoring (or remote non-invasive monitoring, also known as non-invasive monitoring and evaluation, or NRPM) is the capability to monitor a patient’s critical signs from remote locations with various types of medical technology and imaging systems. These systems include computers, wireless devices, and even handheld digital medical units […]

At the intersection of AI and Healthcare

AI and Healthcare

At The Intersection of AI and Healthcare Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing medical science and advancing medicine in numerous fields. By gathering, deciphering, modeling, and acting on vast amounts of data, artificial intelligence is rapidly improving in all medical areas. One such area is healthcare. As healthcare needs continue to grow and change, the field […]

Blood Pressure: Advancements in Monitoring and Understanding Your Numbers

blood pressure measurement

Blood Pressure : Advancements In Monitoring And Understanding Your Numbers Understanding blood pressure readings is essential for your physician, your family, and especially for you. Your doctor can use these readings to help them diagnose a condition and develop an effective treatment plan. For those of you who have no one to guide you, it […]

Pharmacies & Data Management Systems

Pharmacies & Data Management Systems The benefits of information and data management systems and pharmacy data management are well known to all, but many pharmacies do not utilize a reliable system. Many companies, including pharmacies, rely on antiquated data entry methods, in an attempt to save time and money. While this method can be effective, […]

Remote Healthcare Monitoring and Observation: Pros and Cons

Remote Healthcare Monitoring

Remote healthcare monitoring, also known as remote medical monitoring or remote patient monitoring, refers to the clinical measurement and monitoring of a patient’s general health condition without them having to be present in front of a healthcare professional or even in front of a computerized healthcare system.